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Ralph Cipolla

Well, this blog is timely. Just last night, sitting by the TV with daughter (23), talking. The Verizon 'Rule The Air' spot starts, (which is arresting - it looks like a 'social responsibility in action' ad until the last 2 seconds when Verizon is identified), she stops talking, we watch, it ends:

She (verbatim) - "That was cool. That made me want to get a new phone. Can I get a new phone?"

Me - "Hey, let's see what's on Discovery Channel."

Buzz Brindle

When satellite radio became an issue, I started including the language "a FREE listener service of (company name)" into legal IDs. My successor eliminated that language. It's surprising that radio stations don't do a good job of promoting this obvious benefit.


The simplicity of broadcast radio remains an advantage. Thanks for the comments, guys.

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