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The drop parallels their sale to a foreign owner. Big mistake for the "all American" brand. I would be willing to bet that had a lot to do with this big drop.

Ric Hansen

I talk to CHR radio programmers all the time who are so focused on the 18-34's (because budgets, managers and owners demand it) that they discount 12-18s almost as a necessary evil. Smart ones though, through the years know that it starts with teens...lose them and you lose the hip factor and your ability to dominate in the 18-34. Ironic truth that has proven true over the years.


Thanks for the comments, Phil and Ric. It's also interesting that KFC is launching a campaign geared toward young guys, using attractive females to promote the brand. Same deal as A-B - declining sales, and it starts with those guys. Of course, we all know where to find them - rock, alternative, and CHR radio.


Phil hit the nail on the head, or the foam...I'm 26 years old and when Bud sold to those Brazlian buy-out bros living in Europe, I felt betrayed. When I see a sentimental Bud spot concerning America or American values it makes me cringe. I'm now drinking Shiner. It's from a one hundred year old Czech brewry in central Texas. They do it right and are as proud American/Texans as you can be. Old people drink it and young people think it's cool....can't get much better than that. PS October is the Shiner run of their bock beer. It's so good you'll throw rocks at Bud and Miller and their foreign owners.

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