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Dave Weiner

People that listen to rock music switch to Santa Claus in October? What the heck is going wrong people?

Michael Clark

Thanks for the shoutout! I appreciate it.

When I look at my station's listener numbers, every holiday in the Fall results in a bump of listeners. Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, and then the grandaddy of them all: Thanksgiving. Then the week between Christmas Day and New Year's traffic slowly falls, then after mid-January it's back to mostly crickets. Mike


Because once Black Friday hits, you can see the tsunami coming. http://www.howmuchworld.com

And then there’s your December strategy. If there was a viable “antidote,” you’d have known about it by now. But if you have that great idea – the big charity promotion, your version of “Christmas Wish,” the “X Days of Christmas,” or that shopping spree in the mall – pull out the stops, do something big and bold, and push back with all your great brand’s might. There are some Rock stations that have avoided the deluge, but they are few and far between.

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