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Fred Jacobs is President of Jacobs Media, a media research and consulting firm. Jacobs Media clients have included CBS Radio, Premiere Radio Networks, Citadel, Greater Media, MTV Networks, Playboy, Amazon, Electronic Arts, NPR, Sylvan Learning Centers, and Taubman Malls. Learn more about the company here.


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Ralph Cipolla

"...thanks to this sputtering economy and perhaps a changing American mindset about the value of saving money."

Yes, Fred, as we both saw in LAB groups during a recent tandem market visit, when asked if they regularly visited the station site and open the station's loyalty club emails, 8 of 8 men said "Yes" to both. When asked if they (the men, not their wives/girlfriends) 'clipped coupons' (scissors & paper), 7 of 8 indicated "Yes." Add it up and it's pretty clear. And the "1/2-Off" or "50% Off" station deals usually come up a big positive. Perhaps not uber-hip relative to RockGirls, but then again, serving the listener always wins.

Hanner from Halloween Candies

I think Groupon is fantastic. I have seen some really great deals.

It's interesting that FB is also trying to do the same sort of thing.

Clearly that is where the money is!

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