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Ralph Cipolla

I listened to the always excellent Public Radio "Marketplace" show Wednesday night, first day of CES:

Aside from the fact that the reporter had to conduct his conversation with the show host via landline-based pay phone (hotel convention center wifi was down and he had no cell phone signal on the display floor), he offered this notable observation regarding "Tablets" -

"So there is something like 80-100 new tablets being unveiled here. (People) want to build something that's slick, but cheaper than the iPad and then grab a piece of the business. (Most here) think that's not going to work - the iPad will probably remain the dominant tablet next year. If you can buy a $99 tablet, but it's a piece of junk, then it's really not that cool."

More credit to the beyond-the-horizon vision and juggernaut power of the Apple brand to create an entirely new market for a new product we didn't know we really needed (and really don't need, but want), and looks suspiciously close to the device carried around by crew members in the '60s version of "Star Trek."

Of course, there's that little secret regarding CES - few of the cool new life-altering, time-sucking gadgets and products you see on tech news reports will actually hit store shelves when they are announced at the show. Most CES-debuted product launches actually occur in March, April, or May. Not so oddly, that's just about the same time Apple will release their second-generation iPad.

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