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Bob Bellin

It isn't that hard to migrate large portions of traditional media to online platforms. But its very hard not to go broke in the process.

The problem here is that he glosses over the revenue challenge. ABC News and The NY Times bring in a fraction of the per user $ online that they do from their traditional platforms. On a certain level, the more successful they are in spreading the message the more money it costs them.

The answer is in providing and proving online value, which thus far the market has devalued as compared with traditional media. If the true advertiser value online is as good as it is offline, it needs to be verified. If not, it needs to be fixed.

The old joke about losing $5 on every sale but making up the shortfall in volume applies here...


It does, and it's going to be a long slog as Kramer points out. Maybe there's a little solace in realizing that the big boys are struggling to monetize, too. But there's no stopping the train. Thanks for commenting.

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