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Waldo asks, "Where's HD Radio?" I looked at images of Toyota's Entune, and there is no indication of HD Radio. Also, I checked out Entune's homepage, and still no mention of HD Radio. I haven't checked out MyFord Touch, yet. For the Sync, I believe one has to get the optional, expensive Clarion nav system, then get the optional, expensive HD Radio tuner. Of course, dealerships won't even mention the HD Radio option, because they don't want to get stuck with bring-backs of "defective" HD radios, like with Volvo's and BMW's TSBs against HD Radio. Where's HD Radio?


I only remember one video from an automker concerning HD Radio, ad that was from Ford a couple of years ago. I don't think I'de advertise a non-working technology, either.

HDRadioFarce = Greg Smith in Maryland


Greg/Farce, Ford offers HD Radio as part of a premium package. I have tested it and it looks good and sounds great. It's not in the video I used for the blog, but is available on Ford vehicles, including the Edge.


Did you test it in Detroit, where the HD Radio signals are surely primed for the automakers? If it works great, then why do BMW and Volvo have ongoing HD Radio Technical Service Bulletins / recalls, and why then are iBiquity and the automakers under investigation?

Brad Fallon

I remembered my "push button radio"!
Ford vehicles did offer HD Radio but only on a premium package. Costs more but I think it is worth it.


No denying we live in the digital age with many possibilities but the radio is still very easily accessed (first screen, button on left) which implies in user/ focus groups they wanted Radio, & wanted it very easily accessed. Just something to think about....


Jacquelyn, you are right that AM/FM is well positioned. It's just now among several other options in the driver's face. But there's presence, so may the best content win.

And Brad you are correct that it's in a premium package. And Greg, I honestly don't believe they tweak Detroit models. Nor do I believe the "birthers" or the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. But hey, that's just me.

Irvine Ford

So many options these days; hd radio, sirius and then Pandora now too... My daily commute is only 3 miles every day (5 min); I only have time to listen to a song and a half before I pull in!


It's true. We'll are killing ourselves to make you happy on your little commute. (Hopefully, we're playing a song when you're listening.) Thanks for commenting.

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