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Buzz Brindle

Back in the 80s, consultant George Burns used to discuss how odd it was that the advertising industry relied on VALS (values,attitude, lifestyle)research while radio ignored it. In that pre-CD era, George distributed conversations & interviews on audio cassette. Would be interesting to listen to them now to see how much those observations coincide with
David Poltrack's information. Wonder if they're still available?


Ahh VALS and Prism and all the psychographic stuff over the decades. I give Poltrack credit for playing Charlie Brown to the ad agencies' Lucy and trying once again to elevate the buying process.

Some have suggested that his initiative is motivated by CBS' older demographic profile. But whatever the reasons behind it, radio, TV, agencies - and THEIR CLIENTS would be better served by a buying process that is more attuned to real-life consumer patterns and attributes.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Buzz.

Bob Bellin

A bigger sample size would help a lot. I remember how small some of the Prism clusters were when you broke them out. Poltrack's segments might be hard to break out in mkt # 62.

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