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JJ Duling

Fabulous points, Buzz. Especially Lesson 2 (establishing trust and respect)- I've always found it crucial that our talent know that our mission is to help them be the best they can be and that respect has to be earned. Great coaches (in all walks of life) come in many different forms but earning the trust and respect of our teams can overcome a lot of other challenges.

Kneale Mann

Whether you are a PD, GM or run a paint store, if you think you can't learn and you already possess all the answers, your teammates won't weather the storm with you.

The best coaches help get the best from their people. It doesn't get much more simpler than that. One of my mentors once said when I asked why he wasn't on the air anymore by simply saying he realized his strengths were helping players from behind the bench. And as a GM now, he remains a great coach.


J.J. & Kneale, thanks for taking the time to comment. Each of you guys makes great points about the value of coaching. And thank goodness we're not working in paint stores!

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