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JJ  Duling

I never understood the oft-used male stereotype, like "Home Improvement's" Tim Taylor or Ray on "Everybody Loves Raymond". Totally clueless, insensitive, zero common sense, fumbling buffoon who can't survive without his all-common sense wife. Are there chaps like this out there? Of course, but examples like these paint the picture as if most men fit the stereotype.

The tactic was always too cheap & easy for my taste (funny as those shows are).

Paul Jacobs

Hey, it started with Dagwood & Blondie. And don't forget Archie & Edith. It's hard to believe these stereotypes have taken hold, but isn't it great that the purveyor of the wrong data has been called out? Maybe it's time to break through and "Man up!"
Thanks for the comment, JJ.

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