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JJ  Duling

What's kind of ironic about all of this is that when many of your readers were breaking into radio, you were expected to do a little of everything- it's how we were taught. Specialization took hold in the 80s and now we've come somewhat full circle (albeit the technology is different). We forget how many stations were 'automated' (with those racks of carousels), how we spent almost as much time doing production as our airshifts, not to mention 2-3 remotes every week plus a couple of dances during the weekend.

None of us enjoys force reduction but we have choices: adapt to it, change it or walk away from it. Be part of where radio is going or get left behind. It's up to us.


Well put, JJ. But we all know how difficult change can be for folks who've been doing their jobs for decades and aren't willing to explore the new territory. I had a weekend board op ask me recently if we could install a cassette machine in one of our brand new studios so he could air check himself. I asked him where he intends to buy cassettes. We have a server set up to skim for us and it's got archived on-air breaks from the last 3 years. In response to this request, we set up a shortcut on the desktop to that server and I gave this guy a thumb drive to record his breaks and take them home. Now his son has to teach him how to upload the audio to his home computer.


Thanks for the comment, JJ. I am in on many employee evaluations at "budget time." Oftentimes, a DJ's ability to do many things - make a great sales appearance, schedule logs, support production, and participate in social media are all part of the discussion.

And I believe that's becoming the case with other employees on the flow chart, too. What ELSE can you do besides your primary job?

Appreciate you participating.

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