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JJ  Duling

Amen, Lori. The radio mindset of "if we build it, they WILL come" has never been good and today more than ever we need to VALUE our listeners.

They are our customers, after all, and if you believe your radio station is toward the top of their list of important things in life...good luck.


Love it! I am amazed when I attend a seminar or read a article and the speaker or author is a "expert" on networking or promotion and you visit their Twitter account and they have 70 followers and the last post was three weeks ago.


That made me laugh JJ - probably because I used to be one of those PD's that thought my station was on the top of the list of the important things in my listeners lives. *clearing throat* I was wrong.

We get so caught up in our return on investment do we ever consider our consumers return on their investment?


I agree Michael!

I remember sending an email to a well know social media 'expert' and his assistant sent me an email telling me "he doesn't have time to read the email right now but thank you for submitting"

Can you believe that? Funny...

I admire your work Michael. Looking forward to meeting you at The Conclave?


I wanted to share Michael Brandvold's response to my question of him being at The Conclave this year.

Michael left this on the Jacobs Media Facebook page:

"Thank you Lori, looking forward to meeting you as well. Minneapolis is my hometown so it will be nice to get home and see family."

Join us on Facebook at

models in london

Same here. I agree on everything that was said.

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