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As a loyal Apple fan it'd take a lot for me to be enticed elsewhere (or a big mistake by Apple).

The rivalry between Apple and Android is a bit like the competition between English football's Manchester United and Chelsea, fans with vast cultural differences where the concept of switching allegiance is totally alien.

Therefore I suppose choosing Blackberry is a bit supporting Tottenham Hotspur - you don't mind doing it whilst they're doing well. But you've always got a proper team to fall back on.

Seriously though the lack of loyalty to the Blackberry surprises me as people in the UK keep telling me it's the future.

Is there a specific target age market in the US where Blackberry has lost touch or is it general and across the board decline?

Bob Bellin

Its amazingly simple - Blackberry's are great for e-mail, but they suck at everything else. And everything else is what's drawing people to smartphones.

RIMs R+D just isn't getting it done. Its not just apps - they still haven't come up with a decent web browser or touch screen. I have an old one, am shopping for a new smartphone and am not even considering a Blackberry. I love their OS and dread learning a new one and converting to touchscreen typing, but iPhones and Androids are just light years ahead in what they can do.

RIM - duh....losing!


Anthony, in the US, it is about apps. It has less to do with age demographics, and perhaps more to do with who you are and what you do. There are many business people who hang onto their BlackBerry devices. But for most consumers, it's another story.

There's a status symbol aspect to smartphones - and Apple and Android have done the best job creating cache for their brands.

Thanks for the comment and the international perspective. And I loved the soccer analogy.


Bob, thanks for the view from the BlackBerry camp. And with iPhone in particular, you will not have a problem "getting used" to it. These are fun, intuitive devices that captivate and amaze. Enjoy it.

Appreciate the comment.

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