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August 2011

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Bill Jacobs

Very smart, because new research shows that around seven out of ten tablet/smartphone owners use their device while watching television.


And yet Nielsen neglected to give options such as "listening to the radio," "listening to music," etc. It also makes sense for radio to devote more -- much more -- resources to nighttime programming when the audience is active. But far too many stations simply punt with voice tracking or syndication, thus missing out on the interactive possibilities that now exist.


Back in 2007, I was in conversations with a company named PalTalk about creating & helping them market this type of backchannel for radio morning shows & connecting the conversations to their websites. In the end, they decided to move forward without me & had created a deal with CBS Radio but I never heard anything more about it. Nevertheless, with today's technologies, the concept seems even more viable for radio shows/ stations and their "listener communities".


Thanks, Buzz. Like so many of the loyalty and engagement ideas we shared back in those days, we now have the social tools & digital assets with which to make them happen. We just have to step outside our comfort zones - like Stephen Clark did - and imagine how to reach out & connect with these communities. Thanks for chiming in.

Michael Girard

This was an excellent blog post and well timed as discussions related to conversational viewing, second screen apps for mobile devices, and the technological convergence of television and the Internet have been very hot topics within the industry as of late.

In my mind this technology has the potential to do two things really well:

1. It will add value to the live viewing experience.

Prior to the social web there really was no difference in experience between watching a television program when it aired or recording it on my DVR and watching it later, other then being able to fast forward through commercials. Now with the addition of social media platforms I'm instantly connected and able to critique shows (a la Mystery Theater 3000, that's my thing anyway :)) with people around the world. It will definitely draw me back for the live viewing experience.

2. It will help advertisers who are struggling to reach viewers.

Advertisers are already creative with ad placements in shows and if they can move that to the social media platforms and second screen apps that television networks are launching there is real potential for success.

This was a really good summary blog post! Very enjoyable and I've shared it among my social network.

Michael Girard
Community Engagement, Radian6


Michael, thanks so much for the timely and well-thought out comments. We all appreciate your views and observations. I firmly believe that this can work in radio - but we have to try it somewhere where talent and the audience are ready for conversation.

Thanks again for taking the time, sharing the post, and making a contribution.


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