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Dan Kelley

Fatigue indeed.

While I've had a few invites to Google+ and have read much on it; have had a casual look at it, I honestly don't have the energy to spend much time with; especially when I'm interacting with the same people either on FB, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Your mileage may vary...


Interesting point. Early adopters will flock to Google+ and 193 million gmail users there is a strong pool of potential users. IF the young and fast among us like the platform and grow with it - Google+ could achieve a level of critical mass. That would force the "older" adopters to follow. So much depends on how Google integrates their other services into this platform - especially search.
Steve Allan


And yet, as Lori Lewis reminds us, Google+ could be the social network where radio gets there first - where on Facebook, it was consumers - and then radio jumped in. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Dan.


Back at you, Steve. There is a lot to be said for getting there first. Facebook is the 8,000 pound gorilla, but something new and exciting like Google+ just might have a chance. Appreciate you contributing to our blog.


Something worth mentioning is personal security. I have never felt comfortable speaking my mind on Facebook, knowing that anyone who could potentially influence my paycheck can read it.

Google+'s Circles seems to solve that problem for me. I just signed up and will slowly build a profile, but it definitely looks promising.

A lot of the same concerns expressed in this article were floated when Facebook started taking on MySpace. Everything old is new again.


No doubt about it, Joe. This speaks to the problem when challengers take on the incumbent. There does seem to be that "insider" aspect to Circles. For radio, the ability to create focused listener Circles based on music tastes, favorite DJs, & even preferences (local music, clubs, concerts, sports) provides more targeted messaging.

It's also a lot more work. Let's see who steps up.

Lori Lewis likes Google+ largely because this is a social network where radio get take the lead, rather than follow like we've had to do with Facebook.

Thanks for taking the time to write.

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